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 Convenient work with maps and data in the field

tMap is an advanced and at the same time easy to use program designed to take GPS measurements and work with a numeric map.


The program can be installed on devices with the Android operating system.

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✓ Diversity of signatures and symbols – possibility of map personalization

✓ Working with maps, regardless of conditions – offline and online

✓ Dictionary of measurement layers – list of concept with definitions

✓ The use of smartphone’s GPS or advanced receiver allows for adjusting the accuracy of the measurement to the user’s needs

Meet tMap!

Composing a background map  

tMap allows users to load and display their own vector layers (.shp, .dxt) and rasters (geoTIFF).

Additionally, users can use background maps available in the program (eg. OSM) and maps available within the services:





App’s capabilities in practise

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